Become a CLA Provider

Personal Requirements

  1. Be a qualified ML

  2. Have significant experience in leading walking and camping expeditions. We are looking for something like: have led at least 20 walking and camping expeditions, at least 10 of which are DofE expeditions.

  3. Attend at least one CLA Training Course either as an assistant member of staff or as an observer

  4. If you want to provide assessments you must have proof of attendance on a Mountain Assessor Training Workshop at one of the National Mountain Centres (more)

    This is a two-day course and costs just over 200.

    If you are in Wales or England search for "Mountain Assessor Training Workshop PYB"

    If you are a Mountain-Training course provider then this is waived.

Don't have these but think you should be a provider? (click for more)

We will consider extremely strong applicants who do not hold an ML. Please send us your CV with details of:

  1. Qualifications

  2. Personal expedition/trekking experience

  3. Leadership of expedition groups

  4. Experience assisting with or delivering CLA or similar

  5. Anything else that strengthens your application

You must provide evidence of all these things — without this evidence it is extremely unlikely that your application will be approved. We meet twice-yearly and will respond after our next meeting.


  1. Attend a CLA Course Provider Workshop (£90)

  2. Annual subscription (£90)

  3. There is a small fee per endorsement sticker (currently £5)

  4. Provider Workshop update every three years (currently £90)

A single CLA Course Provider workshop and annual subscription covers provision of both training and assessments.

Once you've attended a provider workshop you'll be given a Provider Number and code to access the Provider Area.

You can subscribe online from within the Provider Area. Subscription fees cover ongoing administration and quality assurance. Once subscribed, your name will be listed here and you can start delivering courses.

Your subscription will be post-dated to the start of your first course.

About Course Provider Workshops

Provider Workshops are one-day courses which aim to:

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About Course Provider Workshops